Uttarakhand Hunter Lakhpat: Panic for Man Eaters at Corbett

Lakhpat Singh, whose introduction is not obedient today, He has become the famous hunter among the villagers of Uttarakhand by killing numerous of man eater’s wild animals. Believe it or not, he is a teacher by profession in Uttarakhand and has outscored British legendary hunter Jim Corbett in shooting down man eaters. Lakhwat Singh Rawat, aged 50 is very much popular among the locals as the double-barrel saviour, has gunned down 45 man eaters in 13 years. Comparing to Jim Corbett, he had shot down 19 man-eaters tigers and 14 leopards during 1907 and 1938.

Lakhpat comes from a village Malla that is 350 Kms away from the Dehradun. Rawat had hunted one tiger too as his 35th hunt in 2011. By admiring his ability Government of Uttarakhand has requested Rawat to cock his gun again and relieve the hill sate of a leopard which has killed 13 people in Pithoragarh district since 2012. Rawat says hunting is his passion and runs in his blood as his grandfather too was a passionate hunter. He made his first hunt of man eater in 2001. As a matter of fact Lakhpat has rescued number of women and children from man eater leopard in his state. He remembers when he was called to hunt a leopard which had devoured 12 children in Gairsain in 2000. He has participated in district shooting championship and he was honoured with the first prize. His highest hunting score in a particular year is 12 man eaters that were in 2009. He loves to finish the job in the shortest time to avoid revenge killing of innocent leopards by villagers. Forest department of the state grated him a permit to do his at best. Hats off to this brave teacher cum legendary hunter of Uttarakhand.